Decorative Rock Overview

Boer and Sons has been hauling decorative rock for a long time. It started with a ton or two here and there around the area for home owners’ landscape projects, and has grown to include a rock depot located at the shop in Boyden, Iowa.

Currently Boer and Sons stocks 8 different landscape stones from around the US. Since Boer and Sons trucks get around the region hauling landscape rock (ex. Omaha, Quad Cities, Chicago), this allows them to have access to many different types of stone. They have an extensive sample group of stone from all over the US and in any different color or size you can imagine. If you are a landscape contractor or a home owner with discerning taste in their landscape areas, give Boer and Sons a call (712) 725-2024 to make your next project special.

Loading personal trucks or trailers will only be available on Saturday mornings from 8:00-11:30.

 Rock Depot